The U.S.A. is one of the playable factions in R.U.S.E..

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U.S.C. or U.S.M.C. is an all round Faction with decent Tanks, Infantry, Air, Anti-Air and Anti-Tank but the strength lies in the armored artillery. Of the listed factions in R.U.S.E., the U.S. can be considered to be the most 'balanced', having no obvious strengths, but no glaring flaws in their militia either.




  • Willys (Recon): No weapon capabilities, the Willys Jeep has Recon-range perception, and can be hidden in woods and cities.
  • G.I. (Light Infantry): Basic infantry, with high anti-building effectiveness, moderate effectiveness against infantry, and sub-par anti-armor effectiveness.
    • Rangers (Heavy Infantry): Upgraded G.I. - Exceptional anti-building and anti-infantry effectiveness, and a small increase in anti-tank effectiveness.

Artillery & Anti-air BaseEdit

  • Bofors (Anti-aircraft Gun)
  • M16 (Mobile Anti-aircraft Gun)
    • M19 (Armored Anti-aircraft Gun)
  • Priest (Armored Artillery)
    • M40 (Heavy Armored Artillery)

Armor BaseEdit

Anti-tank BaseEdit


Prototype BaseEdit


The U.S.A. was hit hard early in the Pacific War, but the United States' superior manufacturing and industrial capabilities allowed the Americans to start hitting back quickly and it allowed them to supply the Allies and keep fighting until victory was won. In fact, Allied Sherman tanks outnumbered German Tigers by 36,000-2,000.

In game, fast production and balance will aid the United States, as although they have no significant advantages, they have no major weaknesses, either.


The USA has the best mobile AA. They make mincemeat out of enemy planes. Upgrade to the heavier variety to make sure nothing survives when grouped in 3 or more.

The Thunderbolt fighter-bomber can take a LOT of punishment. It has a much higher survivability rate on runs against tanks with AA support.

The Pershing and Super Pershing tanks are expensive , but well worth it. The Super Pershing in particular has really long range for a tank , and packs a whollop well before enemies can usually return fire. Any tank which is not a King Tiger or a Maus is no match for these monsters.