A R.U.S.E. player might employ a wide variety of tactics in order to achieve victory. While the possible tactics available to the player are inumerable, here is a partial list of the more popular tactics that can be found in R.U.S.E. As much detail as possible has been given to help a player make more well-informed decisions.

Bum RushEdit

Basically, sending in a army early in the game to either;

  • A, Eliminate an opponent early
  • B, Cripple an opponent by destroying major buildings such as their Headquarters


Used to create an near unbeatable base so you can continue productions of units unharmed without trouble.

Creeping BarrageEdit

Normally used to counter Turtling by slowly managing artillery to move up whilst being escorted by an array of anti-tank, anti-unit and anti-aircraft units.


Similar to Spamming, except multiple units of different kinds are used and are suppose to steam-role right through an opponents base Some Great units for Blitzkreigs are

The USA's Shermans

German Panzers

Generaly all meduim tanks except Italys without bigger numbers


Over using a specific unit (normally cheap), and sending them in to hopefully obliterate anything in their way. Normally used in conjunction with Bum Rushing.

Harassment Edit

Attacks that serve mainly to hamper or disorganize the enemy, rather than directly damage him. Generally, this involves attacking supply lines with fast units such as light tanks or fighter aircraft, and retreating before the enemy has time to destroy the attacking units. Another way of harassing an enemy is hitting his flanks with at guns protected by infantry then when they come to counter attack move your troops under radio silence. This forces the enemy to either if he's turtleing move units from his center or produce more units. If he's running a blitzkrieg it forces him to move units from his center or retreat and regroup for another charge. This forces him to waste resources on troops or weaken his center which you can break through and force his flanks to retreat. A good unit for breaking though the center (if the center is mainly tanks) you can use the UK firefly protected by elite infantry or by medium or advanced medium tanks.