Germany is one of the playable factions in R.U.S.E.. Germany and the nations in the Axis are, arguably, the most advanced factions, possessing high tech weapons, including jet fighters, which can zoom into enemy territory and blast key targets speedily, and rocket artillery, which can fire a constant, though inaccurate rain of high-explosive rockets, which are deadly to infantry and buildings. However, this technology comes at a very heavy price. Germany will also feature a super-heavy tank, the Maus, which was built but never used in the actual war.
Faction Card - Germany

Germany Faction Card ~ May change after R.U.S.E. Beta.

Buildings & UnitsEdit



Artillery & Anti-air BaseEdit

  • Flak 20mm   (Anti-aircraft Gun)
  • Haubitze 75 (Medium Artillery)
    • Haubitze 150mm (Medium Artillery)
  • Flak 88 (Anti-tank & Anti-aircraft Gun)
  • Stug (Assult Gun)
    • Sturmtiger (Heavy Assult Gun)

Armor BaseEdit

  • Panzer III (light Tank)
  • Panzer IV (Medium Tank)
    • Panther (Advanced Medium Tank)
  • Tiger (Heavy Tank)
    • King Tiger (Advanced Heavy Tank)

Anti-tank BaseEdit

  • Pak 36 (Anti-tank Gun)
    • Pak 40 (Advanced Anti-tank)
  • Marder (Tank Destroyer)
    • Jagdpanther (Advanced Tank Destroyer)


Prototype BaseEdit


Germany was powerful early in the war due to the unpreparedness of the world's other powers, it's Blitzkrieg (Lightning War) tactics, slightly superior technology and her fanaticism. However, as the war went on and German resources were strained more and more, they began to lose despite their advantages. Eventually, Germany was worn down and defeated in spite of its once powerful army. Although there was a small resistance (Werwolf) against the Allies after the war, it never gained the popularity with the majority of the German people and eventually died out.


Germany's heavy tanks are nigh unstoppable if you can get your economy going sufficiently to allow you to build them.

Jet bombers are available if you need a quick in and out style bomber. Their speed combined with blitz is quite fast.

The German 88mm is deadly to tanks and aircraft. Most tanks drop after a single hit. Firepower is offset by the inability to hide them in forests and slow movement speed.