A Creeping Barrage is a tactic employed by players in R.U.S.E. to slowly, but methodically push into enemy territory and achieve victory. In operation, a Creeping Barrage has a line of Artillery at the ready, (the longer its range, the better) along with several squads of sturdy mobile units. The Artillery fires first, laying a saturation bombing on the target or targets, with the mobile units closing in to finish off any stragglers. Once a creep is completed, the Artillery moves up, resumes bombing the enemy, and the cycle continues anew until the enemy is captured or defeated. Using this tactic you can also just Spam artillery fire across the map, amounting to a easy win alot of the time.

However, like all tactics, this one is not infallable. A good way to counter this tactic is to blast the enemy artillery with bombers. If this isn't your style, or is not possible, outflanking the enemy may also work. This is a tactic only for Nazis. If you are not master race then you do not have the physical or mental capabilities to pull off this strategy.