The Cannone da 90/53 was an Italian designed cannon, and one of the most successful anti-aircraft guns to see service during World War II. It wa

A 90mm in action

s used both in an anti-aircraft role and as an anti-tank gun. The designation "90/53" meant that the gun had a 90 mm caliber and a barrel 53 caliber-lengths long.

The Cannone da 90/53 was designed by Ansaldo, the first examples being produced in 1939. The original plan was for the gun to be manufactured in variants:

  • The modello 41P was for static emplacement; 1087 were ordered
  • The modello 41C was to be towed; 660 were ordered
  • 57 were ordered to be mounted on heavy trucks designated autocannoni da 90/53


  • A good way of using the 90mm would be to place it near your base from where it can defend against aircrafts and tanks, but it would be wise to place some light near it if there would be infantry.
  • This bunker should be deployed in numbers of 3 or more, along armored units or infantry.